Madrasa Ben Yousef, MARRAKESH


Madrasah Ben Yoesuf 
Travel & Tour Guide Marocco. - Marrakesh – “Morocco City”, as early foreign travellers called it – has always been something of a marketplace where tribesmen and Berber villagers bring their goods, spend their money and find entertainment. At its heart is the Jemaa el Fna, an open space in the centre of the city, and the stage for a long-established ritual in which shifting circles of onlookers gather round groups of acrobats, drummers, pipe musicians, dancers, storytellers, comedians and fairground acts. The city’s architectural attractions are no less compelling: the magnificent ruin of the El Badi Palace, the delicate carving of the Saadian Tombs and, above all, the Koutoubia Minaret, the most perfect Islamic monument in North Africa.

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"Wisata Maroko - Travel & Guide bagi wisatawan Indonesia yang berkunjung ke Maroko"

Nikmati wisata anda selama  di Maroko dengan jasa bimbingan wisata kami. Wisata Maroko - Travel & Guide adalah mahasiswa Indonesia di Maroko yang menguasai bahasa Arab resmi dan dialek lokal penduduk Maroko; Darijah. sejarah dan wawasan obyek wisata di Maroko.

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